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Wild Worlds Online Slot – Is It Here To Stay?

NetEnt’s latest online slot game has taken the slot world by storm. Wild Worlds is so much more than just your average slot game! In this online game review, you’ll find out how you can help three heroes (that can only be described as birds) save the three worlds the game is set in.

Wild Worlds is changing the slot game landscape with their introduction of a visually stimulated quest. Players are doing more than simply spinning an aesthetically pleasing slot machine. They’re on a mission to save 3 different wild worlds with their team. This creative approach allows this game to have all the perks of a regular slot, like free spins and big bonuses, with some unique gameplay as well. Wild Worlds has a bonus that can multiply your bet by 2,500, which is a massive bonus multiplier considering you can even attain it on a free spin.

Fun visual clips like scrolling on TikTok constantly bless your screen as you progress through the worlds battling the monsters. This slot really takes an alternative approach from the standard slot games regulars are used to. Wild Worlds offers freshness with its action-packed cartoon style of delivering a video game plot within an online slot game setting.


How does it work?

Green, pink and blue gems are the low-paying symbols. There are three medium-value symbols: gems embellished in gold and marked with outlines of the blue, pink, and green heroes. In addition to the black symbol with a crown, there is a Hero wild, which will pay 100x the stake when 5 of them turn up. There are also some special symbols marked with an “S” that will trigger the bonus feature of the world you are in at the time of it hitting.

Now you know what the symbols are worth, let’s find out more! The game has a medium volatility rating, and every spin sends 25 symbols spinning. This will become like the end of a good game of Candy Crush, where the matching patterns break and release the symbols above to potentially create some more winning patterns! If you don’t hit any winning patterns, it’s not the end of the world because you always have a chance with the ‘destroy’ feature. This triggers an action that breaks all the low-value symbols leaving you with a higher chance of getting a medium value pattern to hit and recover.

Once you land three “S” symbols in the first stage, you will trigger the first bonus, which will take you to the next world. There are three possible worlds for you to turn up in – it all depends where the wheel in the bonus round lands. It can send you to Fire Lands, Ice World, or The Dark Forest. Each of these fantasy lands has a set of enemies for your birdlike hero team to fight. Each one of the three heroes has unique attacks which you can trigger through spinning winning patterns.

There is an added bonus – if you can hit three winning combinations, you can trigger the heroes to make their special attacks, which do a significant amount of damage to the enemies. There are different types of enemies with varying health points you have to destroy, the hardest being a boss, which will take multiple super attacks to destroy. After clearing the stages, you get 8 free spins to help you through the next stage. The aim is to get as far as you possibly can before your spins are up and you are returned to the starting stage.


Staying power

NetEnt’s latest addition seems like it is here to stay. Already being offered on multiple online casino fronts, and with the added benefit of a fresh approach to the slot game space, Wild Worlds has the necessary staying power to be a popular slot game of choice for many.

The graphical components give a fresh feeling to a tired game model, which hopefully will inspire others to up their creativity. With simple cartoon graphics and animations, they have transformed this into something a lot more special than your average slot game. You have a goal and a reason to play, other than hopefully hitting a bonus or a jackpot. Unlike other slot games, in this one, you can actually, in a sense, beat it! You could potentially save all of the worlds and become the savior of Wild Worlds!

Despite the simplistic style of the game, Wild Worlds use this to their benefit, offering a constant flow of clips, action, and anarchy to behold while you try to save the day. They also use these factors to make winning an even more entertaining experience. Of course, winning feels good, but it feels even better when that win comes with beating a monster or when an alien that looks somewhat like a bird appears and flies onto your slot to reveal a pattern unique to the world you’re in. They really keep the game unpredictable and exciting with all these features, along with the graphics.

The game also features competitive jackpots and bonuses with an even more competitive RTP (return to the player) of over 96%. This makes sense considering that to beat a boss that has a minimum of 105 health using only super attacks will do a maximum of four damage per hit. You are also less likely to hit, which means you’ll be doing a lot more spinning than you may have thought you were in for. The most likely bonus is the 200x, but there is also a possible 2,500x payout.

Wild Worlds is an exciting game and seems like it’s here to stay. Considering how many platforms already offer the slot game to their patrons, it’s safe to assume that soon this exciting game will be available to play everywhere.

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