You Will Get Paid In Bitcoins To View Ads

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Brave arrived in January with former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich at the helm. Their mission is to deliver a faster, safer, and better web browsing experience to users. To do that, they built in tracking protection, ad blocking, and HTTPS improvements.

While that definitely improves things from a user standpoint, it puts publishers in a tight spot since advertising is what allows the content to keep flowing. Paywalls are one solution, and they’ve worked out for some.

Brave’s new approach flips turns that model upside-down and puts Bitcoins in your pocket.

Brave can actually operate in two modes: ad blocking and ad replacement. The first pretty much explains itself, but it doesn’t necessarily leave publishers empty-handed.

Thanks to browser’s integrated micropayment system, the Brave Ledger, users will be able to toss virtual coins in the tip jar to support the sites they visit. You’ll even be able to adjust how your contributions get allocated on a screen that looks a bit like the one Humble Bundle presents when you make a purchase.

You’ll be able to see how it works this May when the Ledger arrives in the Brave developer preview.


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