Will Guitar Hero Ever Have a Comeback Tour?

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Guitar Hero Live

All of the legendary bands eventually come back to cash in on a massive tour for all of their old fans, but will the same be true of one of the most legendary music game series?

In 2005, Harmonix released Guitar Hero onto the world. Over the next couple of years, it became one of the biggest games of all-time, having seemingly changed the way that gaming was done.

The Guitar Hero series, as well as its spin-offs Rock Band and, to a lesser extent, DJ Hero, were so big that there were murmurs of the games being able to save the music industry. But, in 2010, the Warriors of Rock video game spelled the end of Guitar Hero, with Activision ending the game’s division in February 2011.

Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 made very soft comebacks for the franchise in 2015, with 2017’s Rock Band VR being a very niche offering on the Oculus headset. So, all-in-all, Guitar Hero and its spin-offs have all but died off from the gaming scene they completely dominated a little over a decade ago.

So, is it that players are no longer interested in music-themed games? Was Guitar Hero the crux of its downfall? Despite all of this, is there a chance for a comeback tour?

Guitar Hero

Music games are still popular, but they’re still a niche

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Guitar Hero was original and allowed anyone to feel like a rock star with its innovative way to play and themed controller. It was a niche game that appealed to music fans – which is pretty much everyone – and their friends, as it was a rather competitive game. But, in the end, the fad faded and traditional gaming came out on top.

A similar situation, but nowhere near as extreme as the case of Guitar Hero, can be seen with online gaming. Many online music games like the Guns N’ Roses slot are very popular among players, offering an immersive gaming experience in which they can enjoy the music of the band. However, even a game with Guns N’ Roses as its title struggles to keep up with traditional slots like the Thunderstruck video slot, which has been around for a very long time.

In mobile gaming, there are many much-loved music games available in the app stores, including Guitar Hero-esque game Rock Life: Guitar Legend on Android. Many of the music games on mobiles are made in a similar vein to the Guitar Hero franchise, but it’s still classic puzzle games that reign supreme.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero got a little too excited

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Guitar Hero was such a huge hit that its developers couldn’t resist growing the franchise as quickly as possible with as many versions as possible. In its short lifespan of five years, Guitar Hero released six-core games, three versions based on real-life bands three expansion games, three games for portable consoles, and four mobile games. Guitar Hero also had to compete with spin-off game Rock Band, which crowded the niche gaming genre.

Game-changing innovation made Guitar Hero and Rock Band some of the most influential video games of all time. But, they saturated their own market to eventually drown in an ocean of titles for a model that had remained very much the same throughout its existence. A comeback, now, seems quite unlikely as they’ve explored pretty much every avenue of the genre and can no longer offer something new, catchy, and intriguing to this new generation of online-multiplayer, instant gratification-seeking gamers.

While a Guitar Hero or Rock Band comeback tour in a decade or so, on the next generation of consoles, maybe a profitable endeavor that is funded by nostalgia and once again being a niche product, it looks like it would be little more than a quick flash in the pan.

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