Will Hyper Scape Become the Next Competitive Title?

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Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape Makes a Big Splash – But Is It Enough?

People love to compete, whether it is in a casino game or a video game, this almost never makes much difference. Humans are created to be competitive, and this is our default setting. Now, just because you are competitive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy some free bingo bets no deposit required bonuses, for example.

Nor that you should miss out on the latest most competitive video games out there. One such title is Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s latest first-person shooter developed by the skilled hands of the company’s Rainbow Six Siege team.


What’s Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scape was announced just a few weeks ago, at first known under a special code name, Prisma Dimensions. Then, it surfaced that the game’s official name will remain Hyper Scape and recreate a new competitive world in which players get to pick an avatar and fight in a futuristic neon-lit city from the future.

Now, with Apex Legends and Valorant already offering much of the same narrative, Hyper Scape has to be far more creative to succeed. Both in terms of mechanics and a unique way of controlling the environment, Hyper Scape offers a unique approach towards the gameplay.

The avatars are free to move all over the city and use specific abilities that are neither innate to them nor they purchase. No, Hyper Scape lets you pick the skills known as “hacks” right from the environment around you.

Once you pick a hack, you have control over what changes, but this is not all there is to the hacks. As it turns out, you can scale the power and effect of each hack, giving yourself an edge if you pick the right ability. Some are devastating while others come to the rescue of you and your teammates.

Each is dynamic, new, and it allows you to experience a shooter with a great many moving parts that make the game far more entertaining.


Then Does Hyper Scape Have a Chance to Be a Competitive Title?

Ubisoft has not tried to push their game too aggressively. For example, they introduced the game but didn’t have any streamers to actually start streaming it. Instead, Hyper Scape has figured out a new way of attracting players – using Twitch drops, something that Valorant did to inspire players to claim a closed beta key just by watching streamers who are already playing the game.

Some have suggested that Hyper Scape lacks something, which could be a response to the over-saturation of the esports market with fantasy shooters. Others, though, have been so much more optimistic about the game and its ability to truly entertain.

Many see Hyper Scape not as a successor of Rainbow Six Siege, but a title that would be able to spawn its own competitive setting and operate side-by-side with other competitive games today. Of course, Ubisoft will have to tend to Hyper Scape, offering competitive incentives, such as good prize pools, but overall, the game definitely has a good chance of winning.

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