Will There Be More Updates For GTA Online’s Diamond Casino In The Future?

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist

There’s no doubt that, over its now eight-year-long duration, the most hotly anticipated update to GTA Online was the addition of the Diamond Casino back in July 2019. The years before had seen the building sit there along with the racecourse and plenty of players weighing in on speculation relating to what the building would become. Some two years later, it’s become a key part of the Los Santos landscape and it is possible that future months could bring more updates to the Diamond Casino.

Before delving into that, however, it’s interesting to note that the prominence of online casinos over time has increased, not only thanks to their inclusion in GTA but also thanks to the rise of the internet. It’s as a result of such steps being made in networking that it’s become possible for sites such as Betfair to offer a new casino sign-up bonus of free spins or cash offers, which is further evidence of both investment and popularity. The sustained innovation of the internet and associated networking over the last few years has made online casino games a lot more enjoyable to play as well as offering a more stable and reliable connection to play them. Relating this back to GTA, the move to the last run of next-gen consoles such as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 allowed for more players in online sessions which, with the advances in networking there, meant that even with sessions with up to sixty players or so that there was little in the way of dropouts.

The biggest update to the Diamond Casino in itself has been the introduction of the associated heist that formed a key part of Rockstar’s heist challenge in 2020 where players were tasked with attempting to collectively steal $100 billion in return for a free vehicle in the following update. Players were successful in doing so and did subsequently receive a free vehicle; however, there are also free cars available at the casino thanks to the Spin-the-Wheel element that can be done once a day. Much like online casinos too, the one in GTA Online features a myriad of games from high-stakes roulette to blackjack and three-card poker, as well as a lot of slot games.

Diamond Casino

With the release of new next-gen consoles such as the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, there is set to be a new version of GTA 5 that is tailored to and can harness the much more powerful new consoles and with this, it is possible that the Diamond Casino could be in line to receive more updates. As a result of the increased graphical power of the new consoles, there may be the possibility for Rockstar to incorporate a whole lot more detail within the casino itself and therefore make it look even better. Perhaps an entirely new extension could be put in so that players could oversee their own casino – there have already been DLCs for players to run their own bunkers and aircraft hangars that go alongside the associated businesses and a casino could be a viable next step.

There’s a myriad of directions that the Diamond Casino could go in and the release of new platforms means that the possibilities are seemingly endless. With the development being one of the game’s premier features now, there’s every possibility for it to become a focal point for any future updates that Rockstar implements into the game.

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