Will The VR Mobile Devices Be The Next Thing in The Online Casino?

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VR Mobile Devices

Virtual reality (VR) is a new concept that many people just don’t see how to fit with gambling affairs. Some people might view it as science fiction stuff. However, using it to spruce up the experience of casino pokies online will horrify politicians and those who are anti-gambling in nature.

If the future casino industry sees VR as a good contender for attracting more clients, then it means the industry will also face many regulatory obstacles. There are already fears that some jurisdictions may ban it completely. Others may allow it but with certain restrictions that make its development impossible, and thus customer reach will suffer.

And even though Virtual Reality has a host of potentials, its application on casinos is quite inevitable and unstoppable. You could liken it to the consumption of pornography. As a matter of fact, VR casino gambling is right here. It is believed that some casino pokies online are already in the journey of implementing it.

Designing the Virtual Reality casino.

It is rumored that some casinos are already working behind the curtains to render their users full VR pokies experience.

This will result in something like a casino lobby high in the sky, on, let’s say a 70th floor skyscraper in a modern cityscape. In this virtual reality, you can actually prop up the bar and choose to play any number of 3D slot games you desire.

Users will also be able to interact with other wagers while witnessing very real and horrific experience when they lean against the windows and look down the city streets.

But it’s not just about building VR casinos and getting started. Instead, casino operators will have to work closely with the industry regulators to ensure best practices in new-age slot gaming.

Malta, where a licensing jurisdiction resides insists that VR casinos should have in-built clocks on the walls to avoid players ‘’sinking’’ into the game and losing themselves. In addition to this, they were keen on multiplayer tournaments where users’ cash balance could be seen by other parties. In the end, this regulator insisted that a participant’s wins and losses ought to remain a private affair.

The government is seeking to get its share from casino pokies online.

More countries are looking forward to participating in online casinos. But there is no time other than this when the industry has faced so much regulatory hurdles. More countries are opting to license and even tax the proceeds from gambling.

Good thing, however, is that off-shore online casinos are emerging as well. These are free from the oppressive rules which deny freedom to operate without hurdles. These may implement the concept of VR without any challenges. Nevertheless, these will be considered illegal VR gambling dens where anything is possible.

The conclusion.

The next-generation online casino will definitely implement the concept of augmented reality since this idea is undeniably interesting. Customers should expect to see VR platforms that incorporate social games, video games, traditional video games and anything in between. The stage is definitely set for more exciting offers. Only regulations will make it harder for the compliant ones to escape this dogma.


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