Wilson Grill Uses Solar Energy To Make Your BBQ Perfect

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Wilson Grill

MIT’s professor David Wilson come up with a new design for barbecue grill that doesn’t rely on coal, wood or electricity. The grill he has come up with relies on solar energy and can be used for the purpose of grilling, heating food and cooking.

The Wilson Solar Grills is capable of reaching temperature of 230° Celsius and comes with a lithium nitrate battery that is capable of storing solar energy for 25 hours of continuous use. This means that you can use it for a complete day without worrying about battery. Oh and did we mention that this bad boy has zero CO2 emissions and zero electricity consumption?
The grill uses Fresnel lens that was created by a French Physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel. The lens is very thin and allows more light to pass through when compared to a conventional lens. Hence, the grill is very efficient at converting sunlight into solar energy.

Wilson Grill

Currently the challenge being faced by the group of MIT students and Professor Wilson is to come up with strategies that will allow them to manufacture the device on large scale and distribute it globally.

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