WINDBOUND Will Be Released This Week With Its New Mural Trailer!

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Deep Silver’s newest title Windbound comes out this week on August 28th! This new trailer is shot in a mural art-style while explaining the game’s whole story. You play as Kara following the embarkation of her and her people during a storm. The retailer hits story beats from the start of the game to offer some detail on what to expect story-wise.

We’ve received a more straight-forward tale of how players can get their hands on Kara’s Ancestral Gear pre-order bonus. Players pre-ordering the game through Microsoft Store, Steam Store, or Epic Game Store will receive the bonus on release day. Pre-ordering on the Nintendo eShop or buying the game by September 10th will give Switch players the bonus. PlayStation and Stadia players will not be able to pre-order the game but can get the bonus if they buy the game by September 10th.


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