WINDJAMMERS Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

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The necessary port of Windjammers to the Nintendo Switch is finally happening as published during this weekend’s EVO event. DotEmu revealed that “the original flying disc game” is expected to release on Nintendo’s hybrid console sometime this year.

Windjammers is a sports arcade title that was released back in 1994 to the Neo Geo arcade system and Data East. During its initial release, the game wasn’t as popular as it should be and only attracted a following years later making it a cult classic.

The upcoming Switch version of Windjammers will be the same port that was released to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita back in August 2017, which introduced online multiplayer support. The game will feature six different courts and six different characters that will each have their unique personalities and style of play.

The game will feature five modes in total, two unlockable mini-games, and an overhauled menu that will feature HD aesthetics making it the best-looking Windjammers thus far. Currently, there are not many details known at this point on how much the game will cost players once it is released to the Switch. However, its PS4 and PS Vita equivalents were both priced for $14.99.


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