Witcher 3 HDMR Mod Improves All in-Game Monster Textures Greatly

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Witcher 3

Witcher 3 gamers are looking for an easy way to improve the detail on monsters within the game to add an extra layer of textures, Check out this Witcher 3 HDMR mod which has been made to do just that. Available to download from the Nexus Mod website the mod has been created by member Denroth and has been uploaded already and available now. Watch the video and check the monster texture before and after the mod.

“This mod re-elaborates all the monsters (including expansions) to increase the details of the textures and maps .. HDMR tries to maintain the vanilla aspect so as not to alter the work of CDPR, but in some cases a complete or partial rework is been done due to the bad quality of the textures.”


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