Witcher Board Game Will Soon Be Available on Kickstarter

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Witcher Board Game

Check out this awesome new Witcher board game based on the books, games, and TV series that will soon be released via Kickstarter and has this week been shown by project creator Go on Board. The adventure board game The Witcher: Old World is designed by Lukasz Wozniak and being published by Go on Board and CD Projekt RED. Here we have a teaser video which you can check out below to know more about what you can expect from the upcoming board game.

“The Witcher: Old World is a competitive adventure board game that thrusts players into a monster-infested realm teeming with arcane magic, dark secrets, and dangerous places to discover. Based on the fan-favorite The Witcher universe set years before the saga of Geralt of Rivia, the game explores a time when monsters roamed the Continent in greater numbers — a constant peril which required the attention of expertly trained monster slayers, known as witchers.”

“Five competing witcher schools trained their adepts through brutal regimes, and once fully prepared, these now-recognized witchers set off to explore the land, seeking trouble, adventures, and helping others for coin. The Witcher: Old World sees 2 to 5 players travelling across a vast map, embarking on masterfully penned quests, encountering and making ambiguous moral choices, fighting monsters — and sometimes even brawling with other witchers to defend their school’s honor!

The game lets players construct their own unique decks of cards by choosing from a wide range of abilities: attacks, dodges, and witcher combat magic — known as Signs. Through card synergy, players aim to achieve powerful combos as they utilize their witcher school’s hallmark abilities to their full potential.”


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