With Oomi Smart Home System Control Everything in Your Home

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With Oomi Smart Home System

The system relies on Oomi Cube as its backbone. It is the hub that works as the binding force and keeps everything connected. The Cube also sports a number of sensors and functions which make it quite a useful component of the system as a whole. It has environmental sensors such as noise, humidity, temperature, light, glass break, vibration, and motion. Apart from all this, it comes with a regular and IR camera, 360-degree IR blaster for managing entertainment systems, and also features an alert speaker.

Although there are apps that can be used in conjunction with this smart home system, it doesn’t rely on the smartphone for working. What it does rely on is Oomi Touch, it’s very own remote. The remote comes with a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, along with a number of physical buttons that allow the user to control Oomi’s accessories with any other entertainment system all thanks to the IR blaster we mentioned.

With so many amazing features, one would think that it would require a certain knowledge of technology to operate this, thus rendering it not feasible for those who are challenged technologically. However, rejoice, for that is not the case. All that you need to do is to tap the new accessory ono the Oomi Touch remote and that allows the system to add it to the system.

Oomi is currently offering a bulb, plug, streamer, air quality detector, and a multi-sensor that is capable of detecting motion, temperature, light, UV, vibration, and humidity. The system runs on Z-Wave technology and is capable of integrating itself with other smart home devices that use Z-Wave. Oomi has also claimed that the system is more than just an ‘if this then that’ logic smart home system, that is to say, it is capable of learning and making suggestions based on how a user lives.

As of now, Oomi is raising funds on Indiegogo and reached its funding goal, $50,000, within the first hour of its launch. If all goes well, it will start shipping in October of this year.


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