With Radinn Electric Wakeboard Waves Are Not Necessary – Video

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With Radinn Electric Wakeboard

The Wakejet Cruise was a mere concept back in 2014 but is now preparing to launch priced at $20,000 and can be seen in action in the video after the jump reaching speeds of unto 20-25 knots and a run time of around 20-30 minutes

While using the Wakejet Cruise speed is controlled via a hand-held remote, and the built-in rechargeable battery can be charged from flat to full in around 2-3 hours. The Wakejet Cruise is now available to pre-order and will start shipping in the next couple months.

Features of the Wakejet Cruise include :

• Speed 20-25 knots  (46 km/h or 29 mph)
• Runtime 20-30 minutes in maximum speed (40+ in mixed).
• Fast Charger, 2-3 hours
• Replaceable battery-pack
• Wireless induction charged hand-control
• On-board computer system
• Mobile-app for iOS and Android
• Magnetic safety switch
• Carbon and kevlar composite construction
• Efficient and easily serviced jet-propulsion


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