With Shadowlands Winding Down, Let’s Look Back!

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The shadowlands are a world filled with death, wailing souls, and battles for survival. It is a large part of Azeroth, which people refer to as the underworld or afterlife of World of Warcraft. When people die in the real world, it’s often mused on about them heading to an afterlife; some might say there’s a heaven or hell, others say eternal slumber or darkness, and there are even thoughts of possible reincarnation. 

In Azeroth, the dead go to the shadowlands, and that’s even a worse possibility just thinking about what the Maw has in store for those souls. Their souls are trapped forever and have only a slight chance of being reborn, but in the Maw, their chances of rebirth are zero.

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The storyline piqued so many interests and caused quite the rage with the sudden betrayal of sylvanas, the mall’s jailer ruler, and all four zones of the shadowland. Players were linearly moved through all these zones and their ruling covenants; ardenweald, bastion, maldraxxus, and revendreth while diving deeper into the ominous Maw and the eternal city Oribos.


Ardenweald: This zone shows a purple land of illusions filled with trees, nature, and a twinkling twilight. This usually peaceful realm is inhabited by souls connected to nature. It’s a beautiful land where souls are reborn through seeds and sent back to the earth, like recycling.

Bastion: This zone has a Norse mythology-themed landscape of gray hills and golden plains and is inhabited by blue creatures called the Kyrians. They have a somewhat overly good personality.

Makdraxxus: This zone is a bit more mundane than the rest of the zones; it depicts a gladiator-type appearance. It has arenas and different houses like the watery house of plagues, the creepy house of rituals, and its most revered feature, the theater of pain. The theater has an enormous fighting pit where all kinds of mysterious creatures, scary monsters, and most warriors come to fight and earn their victory.

Revendreth: A vampire inhabited land; yes, those bloodsuckers are quite alive in the shadowlands, but pretty undead. With the vampires being a hair’s breadth away from being kicked into the Maw, a horrible place where souls can never come back from and are constantly living a nightmare being controlled by the jailer. The vampires have been given a second chance of redemption from their previous nasty deeds by keeping them in revendreth. The landscape has a typical gothic architecture, as seen in most vampire dens.

The Maw: The fifth and last zone, even the name can’t help but cause a slight shudder. This zone is unlike anything that has ever been seen in World of Warcraft. It could be said that the ruler of the Maw, the jailer, literally sees all due to his creepy tendencies of always knowing when you step into the zone, as well as his annoying habits of sending deadly minions to kill you off if you stay long enough to warrant notice and irritation. This zone can’t be called a challenge because challenges have probabilities of being won. Still, it is a thrilling survival experience and never-ending battles with constantly leveling up enemies. 

Moving away from the zones, there’s also sylvanas, the leader of the homeworld of Azeroth. Unexpectedly the well-liked female character, who was seen as a pretty decent individual, caused a lot of chaos, wars, and unnecessary genocides. This seemed to both shock and infuriate players all over the world. After unsealing the barrier between Azeroth and the shadowlands, it was revealed that she had been working with the jailer all along and taking all those souls she killed to him. This despicable and unexpected move might be what endangers Azeroth and everyone in it. 

The game gives players a feeling of being ‘the one true hero’ that saves all and stops world domination, which is different from tactics used in previous expansions where all players felt like intricate pieces of the game. Overall, the game is an exciting one if you don’t mind the trauma and gore. It also has excellent realistic graphics, beautiful details, and an intriguing storyline. The journeys to the zones are never dull and give players a wonderful experience.

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