With This New Mod Now Cat in STRAY Now Hates Mondays And Loves Lasagna

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Stray’s housecat feels novel, and players already want more cat options. Modders have responded to that call, turning Stray’s orange tabby into all sorts of alternative cats: black cats, gray cats, calico cats, and lasagna cats. Yes, you can now play Stray as Garfield.

Modder Chris Rubino is responsible for putting the Jim Davis cartoon cat into Stray with the “Garfield – Cartoon Edition” mod, which can be downloaded at NexusMods.

Mod Garfield looks like the 3D animated movie version of Garfield, but it’s not an immaculate resemblance, and the movie version itself wasn’t a fantastic take on Garfield’s classic cartoon look. It’s enough to be recognizable as Garfield, though. A different Garfield mod just puts a regular-looking striped orange cat into the game.

If you like the idea of altering Stray’s cat but not into one that hates Nermal, there are a ton of normal cat mods for Stray on Nexus, too.

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