Wolverine Themed Meat Slasher Claws

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Wolverine Themed Meat Slasher Claws

Slash & Serve Shredded Meat Claws will allow you to harness your inner Wolverine while grasping the stainless steel claws while tearing through larger pieces of meat like “roasts, turkey, chicken, and ham.”

The practically invincible, ageless, and bad-ass Wolverine can use his razor-sharp adamantium-plated retractable claws to tear apart his enemies, but does he ever harness those same animal instincts in the kitchen? It would seem like such a waste of a convenient cooking utensil to not use those claws to dice some carrots or fillet fish.

Now you can harness your inner Wolverine with these stainless steel meat claws that are designed for handling larger pieces of meat such as roasts, turkey, chicken, and ham. Use the claws to shred up your meat in a matter of minutes.

Wolverine Themed Meat Slasher Claws



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