Wood Alarm Clock by Gingko

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Wood Alarm Clock by Gingko

It may look like a regular block of wood, but this alarm clock from Gingko can tell you the time, date, and temperature alternately in Green LED light.

The display will automatically go off, leaving a plain black wood-effect box when it’s quiet. It will only light up again when the alarm is on, or by clicking your fingers, clapping your hands, or tapping on top as the clock is sound sensitive.

It can be set to display time only and to display continuously if you’re bored of the plain look. The clock also comes with 3 alarm settings.

It’s the perfect, unique and clever home accessory for your bedside table, especially if you don’t like a bright light shining in your bedroom at night. But, if you need to check the time, you can just click your fingers or gently tap your bedside table and the time will appear, so you don’t have to struggle to find your phone or watch in the darkness anymore.

Operated by 3*AAA batteries (not included) or AC adaptor (included)

Internal battery inside to keep the clock running even when the external batteries have run out, so when you replace the external batteries, you don’t have to re-set your time, date, and alarms again.

Width: 20.5/ Height: 9/ Depth: 9/ Weight: 760g

Made from MDF with a black veneer finish.



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