World Health Organization Now Recognize Gaming Disorder as a Health Problem

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has now added “Gaming disorder” to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD). Gaming disorder is now to be taken as an addictive behavior disorder similar to Gambling disorder.

Here’s WHO’s definition:

“[A] pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior, which may be online or offline.”

The concept is that if someone produces an addiction to gaming, then it’s a problem. This usually entails that gaming becomes prioritized to such an exaggerated extent that it is the most valuable thing to the person, replacing any other interests, relationships, and personal health.

Of course, many organizations are reluctant to the notion with the Entertainment Software Association saying that the grouping of Gaming disorder “trivializes real mental health issues like depression and social anxiety disorder.” It should also be noted that there are no laws to back up the ICD.

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