World of Warships Review

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World of Warships

Apart from being free and awesome, World of Warship offers great fun and amazement, and a host of other pleasant, unique gaming experience.

It has become a global phenomenon, and its user base is becoming almost as big as its warships. But what makes World of Warships so fascinating? What sets it apart from its predecessors?

We take a look below in our World of Warships review.

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World of Warships revolves around battleship warfare. The scene, just as in World of Tanks, is World War II, particularly in the archipelagos of the South Pacific and the icy fields of Alaska.

The fighting is fierce and the objective is to take control of your battleship and defeat as many enemy ships as required. Simple enough, but what elevates the game is its need for thoughtfulness, tactics, and effective strategy.


Gameplay and Strengths

Perhaps the greatest strength of World of Warships is its highly realistic approach, both in design and in gameplay. Speaking of gameplay, many have called the game one of the most thoughtful games ever made, thanks to its emphasis on strategy.

The four kinds of ship types include:

  1. Destroyers
  2. Cruisers
  3. Carriers
  4. Battleships

All differ in strength, movement, and control. Some are also capable of providing smoke screens while some boast of incredible torpedo spread.

Carriers are quite fascinating, as they contain no ship-to-ship gun at all. They are controlled through an overhead view.

Planning is essential, regardless of ship type, and certain decisions made in advance, such as placement of guns and positioning, play a huge role in the eventual outcome of battles.

Another amazing part of the World of Warships’ gameplay is its use of angles. It is an art that can be figured out, though, and may even require a bit of mathematics, but not enough to make it bland and unenjoyable.


Design and Add-Ons

War of Warships offers a smooth, highly impressive design – which is not at all surprising given the fact that its predecessor, World of Tanks, also excels in this area. The game also boasts a huge array of gadgets and weapons to improve your gaming experience. Among these are repair crews, scout planes, and so on.



One of the often-repeated flaws of World of Warships, and pretty much every game in the family, is the expensiveness of upgrades and add-on. The game itself is free, but it also operates a “freemium” model, whereinto attain a certain level of gameplay requires spending quite a tangible sum of money.

Another popular flaw is the superiority of the Soviet vessels (just as it is in World of Tanks). All in all, these are drawbacks only echoed by a few, and, so far as we know, does not stop a lot of people from enjoying the beauty of the game.



World of Warships is already quite positively reviewed, and we can’t help but echo the positive sentiments. The gameplay is fun, the design is amazing, and it elevates itself through its highly realistic depictions. All in all, World of Warships is a game no gamer would mind adding to their collection.

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