WORLD WAR Z Unveiled The Destructive Horde Mode Z

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World War Z

Explosive zombies and never-ending waves of the zombie horde? What’s not to like?

Horde Mode Z released today in World War Z. Saber Interactive has released the new Horde Mode Z update. Defensive areas are critical in this new situation based game mode; players will have to work together to immediately construct a plan and how to defend the positions.

The developer ensures the risk of death and defeats in Horde Mode Z as waves of enemies horde it toward the players. Up to four brave souls can cooperatively stave off the apocalypse. In between waves of zombies, players can improve their weaponry and defenses. Searching the location will also turn up some awesome new free gear.

The new game update brings more than just Horde Mode Z, though. There’s a new foe type. And more new things for players to get.

  • The Bomber: a special new zombie that drops an explosive when downed, which players will only have a few precious seconds to disarm.

  • New premium weapon skins, free for owners of the World War Z Season Pass, which bundles together all of the game’s first and second seasons of premium DLC.

  • Planned future updates including PvE crossplay support, premium character skin packs, and a new premium campaign episode are expected in the coming months.

Check out the new video below:


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