World’s Most Digitally Advanced Store

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World’s Most Digitally Advanced Store

The store will achieve this by providing interactive technologies that will surpass the experience that any website store can provide. The SportChek sporting goods store is the flagship store of Canada’s FGL Sports and is the first example of the future of retail stores. According to FGL Sports, SportChek is “the most digitally advanced and personalized retail experience in the world.” The 80,000 square foot store has 800 screens that display 220 channels worth of information, a staff of 250 members to assist customers and over 1200 square feet of digitally projected content.

The shop was opened about a week ago at the West Ed Mall. The shop must cost quiet a lot to run, but if IBM’s prediction is right, then the retail store will certainly be a pioneer for the next generation of shops. Check out the images below to get a glimpse into the store of tomorrow:

The Monolith, one of the many giant projection screens in the store

sportchek_store (18)

People can check the stoves on display by firing them indoors

sportchek_store (17)

Customer’s can analyze their swing using the Swing Catalyst

sportchek_store (16)

sportchek_store (15)

This kiosk allows customers to create their own jersey

sportchek_store (14)

New products are projected onto the mannequin instead of actually putting them on

sportchek_store (13)

The Climbstation vertical treadmill

sportchek_store (12)

The Tacx virtual reality bicycle trainer

sportchek_store (11)

sportchek_store (10)

The Wintersteiger Mercury machine tunes skis and snowboards

sportchek_store (8)

sportchek_store (9)

The staff can help customers look up activities and sports events in their community

sportchek_store (7)

This display presents the customer with product information and allows them to interact with it

sportchek_store (6)

Customers can analyse their gait in different footwear using this unique treadmill

sportchek_store (5)

sportchek_store (4)

This futuristic display box actually superimposes information of the object inside, on to the glass

sportchek_store (3)

The interactive map guides customers through different sections of the store



sportchek_store (2)



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