World’s First 3D Chocolate Printer Is Here

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With the 3-D printing industry growing, the variety of 3-D printers available in the market is constantly increasing. Chocolate lovers can rejoice, as the 3-D printing industry has just been introduced to the world’s first 3-D printer that uses chocolate to produce a wide variety of objects.

The company responsible for the delightful delicacy producing printer is called Choc Edge and was set up in 2011 by Dr. Liang Hao from the University of Exeter in Devon. Users can send a picture of themselves and the company will print a 3-D portrait of their face using chocolate for £50-80. Besides this the company will also print 2-D portraits on edible rice paper for £24.99.


The machine, called Choc Creator, uses melted chocolate to produce the desired image according to instructions from a computer. It has the capability to print layers of different chocolates including white, milk and dark chocolate onto any flat surface, meaning there are endless possibilities to the images that the Choc Creator can produce. The machine has a special head which makes it capable to produce lines of chocolate that are as small as half a millimeter in width, making it more precise than a professional artist using a piping bag.

The company hopes to make the 3-D chocolate printer available to the masses so that everyone can create their own confectionery creations at home. They also plan to print chocolate in different colors so that users can create more detailed designs. The possibilities with this printer are limited only by the chocolate lover’s imagination.

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