World’s First 3D Electronics Printer, Voxel8

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World’s First 3D Electronics Printer, Voxel8

The Voxel83D Electronics Printer allows designers, developers and entrepreneurs to 3D print a complete the functional electronic device, with everything it via the way of components in one 3D printing process.


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“Voxel8 exists to disrupt the design and manufacture of electronic devices by providing new functional materials with a novel 3D printing platform. Desktop 3D printers today are constrained to printing thermoplastics or UV resins.

Using Voxel8’s 3D printer, you can co-print matrix materials such as thermoplastics and highly conductive silver inks enabling customized electronic devices like quadcopters, electromagnets and fully functional 3D electromechanical assemblies.

Voxel8 has created the world’s first 3D electronics printer from the ground-up. Novel conductive materials and 3D printing technology from the Lewis Research Group at Harvard University. New software crafted for the Voxel8 printer called Project Wire by Autodesk. The Voxel8 printer truly allows you to combine electronics with novel mechanical forms. Visit for more information. What would you print?”

Watch the video below to learn more about this revolutionary new 3D Electronics Printer, that is now available to purchase for around $9,000 and is set to revolutionise the development and manufacture of electronic devices.


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