World’s First Pop-up Urinals Installed In Australia

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First Pop-up Urinals

Now also available in Perth, Australia where pop-up urinals are now being installed under the Perth City Administration with the first of this hygiene promoting outlets opened in Northbridge. As expected, it will hydraulically pop up during Friday and Saturday nights to facilitate the hordes of late night crowd.

Costing a mammoth A$175,000 (US$124,381) to install, the Urilift is a self-cleaning urinal that is already installed in many European cities. Perth City will now be measuring its effectiveness on the streets and find out how much of the public uses it. It already has plans to install a few others as well. It can accomodate three men at a time and offer complete privacy, although it is unlikely the wasted guys are going to worry about that. It takes two minutes to raise or lower the urinal from the ground and offers a quick fix solution in many parts of the cities where bathroom access is rather limited.

“It’s just not appropriate to slip into a laneway or hideaway and do a wee under a tree these days,” Mayor Lisa Scaffidi was quoted as saying and she is right. Steps need to be taken to ensure the overall hygiene of the city. This Urilift is the first of many such innovative steps to make sure of that.


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