Worlds First Smart Bike By Installing COBI System

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Worlds First Smart Bike By Installing COBI System

A German startup called iCradle has created COBI system – an innovative way of transforming a conventional bike into a smart bike. The system makes use of the user’s smartphone to run the companion app while the phone is placed into the hub – an IPX6 water resistant dock affixed on the handlebars. The hub also houses an LED headlight (Max. Output of 25 lux at 33 ft.), accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, ambient light sensor and an electric horn.

The system is powered via 3.6-volt 6,000mAh Lithium-ion battery that can either be charged while it is on the bike, through the hub dynamo or externally. Other devices that are part of the COBI system include a thumb controller attached to the bar and a tail light. Both of these are connected to the hub via bluetooth or ANT+.

The designers have claimed that this system offers more than 100 smart features to any bike. Some of them include the turning on of light when it starts getting dark, while the tail light also works as a turn indicator and a brake light. The hub also works as a phone charger. Once the bike has been parked and the smartphone has been taken out of the hub, the accelerometer detects any sudden movements caused by the bike. For such movements, the COBI system shall respond with a sound alarm and light. This function is disabled once the user (along with the phone) is in close proximity of the bike.

The app provides the user with weather updates in real-time while also enabling navigation. Users can also listen to music via services such as Spotify. It also conveys other metrics such as the number of calories burned, distance covered and speed. Making use of a thumb controller accesses all functions, however, the phone’s screen can be accessed thanks to the hub’s screen cover.

As of now, funds are being raised on Kickstarter to help begin the production of COBI. The gadget has already raised more funds than the actual goal. You can warrant one unit for a pledge of $159. There is no information about shipping date as of yet.

Worlds First Smart Bike By Installing COBI System Worlds First Smart Bike By Installing COBI System Worlds First Smart Bike By Installing COBI System


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