World’s First VR Water Slide is Open Now

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VR Water Slide

Check out this awesome new virtual reality waterslide which is now opened at Galaxy Erding in Germany, taking virtual reality to theme park rides in a somewhat different way. Riders are provided with a waterproof headset that can be fully submerged in water to a few meters and is powered by an integrated Samsung Galaxy S8 that runs custom software for the VR experiences.

According to Verge:

“Ballast — the company behind VRSlide — is viewing this as the first step toward a larger kind of aquatic VR setup, one that would see full, impressive tanks that users could swim in while in virtual reality. It sounds far more intriguing than simply strapping a headset onto a water slide, but unfortunately that system isn’t quite ready for commercial roll out just yet.”

For more information on this tech and on the ride click the link below.

Source: Verge


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