The World’s Thinnest Smartphone By LG

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The World’s Thinnest Smartphone By LG

Paving the way for an era of more stylish, sleeker and more compact handsets, LG unveils the world’s thinnest LCD for smartphones with a display of 5.2 inches.The company crushed its competition when it introduced to the world a display which is as thin as 2.2 mm with a 2.3 bezel.


LG uses Advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS) in these displays which accounts for the bright screen images. The company managed to minimize the number of lines on the panel by 30 percent by utilizing dual flexible printed circuits besides the direct bonding system between the touch film and the panel to improve its brightness.


This futuristic device is in fact a wafer-thin panel with the capability to produce 1080×920 pixels with 535 nits maximum brightness that can provide a more vivid and accurate images even when outdoors. It’s Ambient Contrast Ratio rated at 3.74:1 has been certified by Testing firm Intertek, which implies that the users can clearly see on-screen contents even under direct sunlight.


With the display technology, LG has made a significant leap in the technological world and has shown immense improvement over their last release i.e. LG’s Zerogap Touch technology which was used on the Optimus G. LG’s high-tech smartphones are expected to make use of high-end panel with other devices such as tablets following the trend.

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