Worst Android Games of 2017

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Gaming on mobile devices has been continuously improving and reached an all-time high on Android with the release of the new Android Nougat operating system and the Vulkan API. At this rate, there’s only a matter of time until we will see many more of the consecrated titles made available for Android play.

As flourishing as this industry is at this moment, there will always be that release that simply does not live up to the expectations. We’ve made a list with some top games that followed this unfortunate path.


 Super Mario Run 

Indeed, this was actually launched just before 2016 ended but since everyone was holding their breath for it, we had to include it on our list.  Released in December 2016, Super Mario Run did not meet the expectations in terms of sales, said Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima. In the Play Store, Super Mario Run is classified as an action game the goal of which is to tap the screen and help Mario overcome all sort of obstacles.  The game has 3 modes that you can try for free before deciding to buy.

  • World Tour – Mario runs and jumps to finally rescue Princess Peach
  • Toad Rally – this is a challenge mode where you have to show off Mario’s moves
  • Kingdom Builder – you need to gather toads and coins to build a kingdom 

Unfortunately for Nintendo, most of the reviews come out negative with the main complaint being that the game is just too simple and not immersive enough to pay for it.

The game was updated last time on the 23rd of May for some bug fixes that, unfortunately, did not manage to change the fate of Super Mario Run.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo can’t seem to catch a break in 2017 with their second release of the year turning out to join the fate of Super Mario Run. Even though it had a very good start after the 2nd of February when launched, Fire Emblem Heroes has registered a significant decline in all important European markets.

Marked as a simulation game in Play Store, Fire Emblem Heroes benefits from mostly positive reviews from users but the charts do not lie. Better luck next time, Nintendo.



Skullgirls is a fighting RPG with custom controls optimized for mobile so that you can execute a wide range of combos only by tapping or swiping the screen. It also offers ‘Fight Assist’ for players that have little experience with action games. Most of the reviews it has on Play Store are positive, however, there are quite a few voices that point their finger at the disadvantages of the mobile version of this game. And they are partially right, with what can be done on today’s mobile phones, the developers could really do a lot better.


Upcoming Titles For 2017

As we all noticed, even big mobile game producers can screw up every now and then and a famous name does not guarantee the success of your release. We can only hope that the remainder of 2017 will bring us some improvements in the Android games sector. And the future really looks bright with incoming titles as:

  • Animal Crossing App – Nintendo gives it one more try with this simulator
  • South Park: Phone Destroyer™ – it’s already available in Play Store in the Unreleased version
  • Assassin’s Creed Rebellion – gives players the opportunity to assemble an Assassin Brotherhood, engage in covert missions and even build a fortress

No matter if the publishers manage to get everything right and create the perfect game or fail to do so, it is already clear that Android games can deliver a remarkable experience. All you have to do is access the Play Store to choose your favorite.


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