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It’s been 15 years since the game is on the market, World of Warcraft continues to be a force in the MMORPG arena. We live in strange but great times where the current/retail version of WoW remains to be updated quite regularly and we are now in the Classic Era of The Burning Crusade (the second expansion) that was first launched back in early 2007. Options are good and Blizzard had understood there is a strong demand for not only the nostalgic days of the original WoW series but also the old school gameplay that has evolved in the current retail version.

The Burning Crusade era was truly epic, especially when you compare it to other games on the market at the time. The classes are drastically better than vanilla, the balance is more fine-tuned, and best of all, the world, lore, and dungeons are some of the best of the series. Truly, what the WoW team produced so many years ago is even lightyears beyond some of the current MMOs on the market. The number of things to do between PVP, quests, exploration, raids, and dungeon running, is utterly staggering. While many fans have played these games before, there is to replay and newcomers should enjoy some of the best game designs in history.

Whether you are a grizzled old WoW veteran or a newcomer, there is something for everyone in Classic. The most enjoyable part is, even if you missed out on WoW Classic, you can catch up with the Deluxe Version of the game that comes with a boost to catch up to friends or guildies. The Deluxe Version of the game also comes with plenty of other goodies such as Classic and Retail exclusive mounts, 30 days of game time, and some amazing cosmetic items.

TBC Classic is made even better with social interaction, most people have been extremely friendly in the game. So, if you don’t have friends playing, join a guild, look around and be brave and party with those strangers, and be prepared for some amazing gaming memories.

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