Wreck-it Ralph Comes To Fortnite

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We can only guess that Fortnite is preparing for another pop-culture crossover like when it launched Marvel’s Thanos as a playable character in May. Now it’s Wreck-it Ralph’s turn to hit the battle royale. This is the second Disney-owned character to land on the game. Ralph was found on a movie screen at the Risky Reels location by Redditor u/MozzzyyTwitch, leading many to believe there is an upcoming in-game special event.

Ralph started life as an arcade game villain and is even set for Disney’s own crossover title Kingdom Hearts 3. His newest movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, features tons of video game cameos, including Pac-Man, Chun-Li, and of course Fortnite characters. Plus lots of memes obviously.

Fortnite also has its share of pop-culture references, like emotes of viral dances, even a John Wick skin. So this latest crossover only seems appropriate. Sure, Fortnite has been largely free from marketing, outside of the movie promos, but this makes sense. However, neither Epic Games nor Disney has confirmed a Ralph-themed event, so we’ll just have to wait to see how this plays out.

I am going to love seeing Ralph in Fortnite.


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