Write For Us

We absolutely adore our readers and encourage them to unleash their inner stand-up comedians while submitting content to us. Here’s our hilariously revamped submission guide:

  1. Roll out the red carpet and declare your category with the enthusiasm of a squirrel discovering a stash of acorns.
  2. For those crafting Top Ten Lists, make sure your sources are as legit as a talking parrot in a business meeting. We need those web URLs to fact-check, because we’re not just here for a good time; we’re here for a fact-checking fiesta!
  3. Top Ten lists are the bee’s knees, but remember: it’s not a party without ten guests, and those numbers better be descending like your grandpa’s hairline. Don’t forget to set the mood with an introduction that’s more captivating than a magic show at a cat convention.
  4. When reviewing games and gadgets, make sure your sentences are as clear as a crystal ball at a psychic’s tea party. Proofread like your reputation depends on it, because it probably does.
  5. If you’re sending in pictures, give us the lowdown about yourself. We want to know you’re real, not just a figment of our imagination. And don’t forget to share your sources like you’re spilling the beans at a gossip convention.
  6. Want to go undercover? No problem! Just let us know if you’d like to use an alias. Your alias should sound like the lovechild of a famous detective and a secret agent.
  7. Got doubts about your content? Feel free to pitch us your wackiest ideas or send us a couple of paragraphs for approval. We’re like the judges at a talent show – impress us!
  8. Be as original as a unicorn at a cat costume party. We’re not in the business of publishing content from other sites; we want your unique flavor.
  9. The crazier, the better! We’re all about bizarre and funny content. Think of us as your partner in crime for unleashing your inner madness.
  10. Infographics? We love ’em! But don’t forget the pictures and sources. We’re all about that techy goodness.
  11. Spellcheck until your keyboard begs for mercy, and then spellcheck again. We don’t want typos crashing our comedy show.

Now, onto the terms and conditions:

  1. When you submit your content, you’re basically saying, “GameNGadgets, you’re the boss now.” We have the right to publish your masterpiece whenever we feel like it, and you confirm that you’re the genius behind it.
  2. We’re not just limiting this party to the internet; we’re thinking books, magazines, and newspapers too. It’s like taking your content on a world tour!
  3. Hand over those content rights like it’s a hot potato at a family picnic. Rejected content, though, you can keep for yourself. We’re generous like that.
  4. Brace yourself; we might give your text and author bio a makeover. But don’t worry, we won’t turn your masterpiece into a tragedy; think of it as a comedy upgrade.
  5. If you’re down with the terms, send us your content. If not, you do you, and we’ll be over here laughing it up.
  6. And yes, we know you secretly love reading the fine print. We do too, especially when it’s as entertaining as this!

So, let’s get this comedy train rolling. Submit your content to [email protected], and let’s create some internet magic together!