WWE 2K16: Gameplay and Details Revealed at Gamescom

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WWE 2K16

We finally have some gameplay footage of WWE 2K16 in action, and so far I am happy with what I am seeing here. It is not a huge selection of footage, but from what is there, we can already see some subtle improvements that should help make the overall experience better. The tie-up mechanic seems to have been quickened, and I’m interested to see how the new submission holds work.

Animations for running the ropes and launching into a move have been improved, and I hope that the heel tactic of bouncing to the outside of the ring and holding up the match is not a one-off, but can be done at your command. Granted, it needs a limit, but all of these little things are what make it feel like a televised match.

 WWE 2K16

According to IGN, the reversal system is also getting some tweaks. The reversals are now tied to a separate meter, so if you spam it early on, you are then vulnerable to your opponent until it slowly builds back up. This should really help the flow of a match, as before it was a constant fit of stop and starts since both players were always trying to reverse each other’s moves. I also like what I saw of the revised rope-break system. Too many times in 2K15, submissions would continue when the opponent’s feet were clearly on the ropes.

 WWE 2K16

Features-wise, some much-missed modes will be returning, such as an extended My Career mode, create a championship, create a show, create an arena, and thankfully create a diva. There will be no shortage of wrestlers either, as at least 120 have been confirmed for the game, including NXT standouts.

They have said the online is getting an overhaul,  so hopefully that turns out to be the case, as that to me was the worst part about 2K15. You can catch Finn Balor and Seth Rollins’ entrances below and can see the newest gameplay slice above.

WWE 2K16 releases on October for 27th.


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