Xbox Boss Says Gears Of War 5 Is “Looking Great”

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Gears of War 5

Gears of War 5, Aka Gears 5, is coming together well ahead of its 2019 release date, it seems. Xbox boss Phil Spencer visited Vancouver to visit Gears 5 developer The Coalition, and he came away happy and impressed with the progress of the game, apparently.

Spencer took a sneaky picture of the team playing Gears 5. You can zoom in on the image to try to get a closer look at what’s on screen, but in any case, it’s hard to make out. Spencer said after the trip, “Gears 5 is looking great.”

That’s all there is to go on from Spencer’s visit to The Coalition to see Gears 5. Earlier in February, The Coalition boss Rod Fergusson teased that the game was at that point still recording voice lines.

Gears 5 is the first game in the series with a female playable lead. The game tells the story of Kait Diaz, who was first revealed in Gears of War 4 and whose character arc culminated with a conclusion that left many questioning what could happen next.

The game left the “Of War” from its title because it’s “a cleaner look for the brand.” Some of the other future Gears of War games, including Gears Tactics and Gears Pop, also don’t have “Of War” in their titles.

Gears of War games are available through Xbox Game Pass right now, so if you want to play them you can play those brilliant games on the service.

In addition to Gears 5, a Gears of War movie is in development. There is no news about who may star in the film, but Guardians of the Galaxy and James Bond actor Dave Bautista has said Marcus Fenix is the role for him and he would love to play it.


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