Xbox Confirms Pricing for the Xbox Series X and EA Play Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox confirmed the reports of the Xbox Series S including pricing. Today, Xbox finally confirms the price and release date for both the Series S and Series X.

The Xbox Series X will be $499, which many of us have already anticipated for a while. This puts it at $200 more than the Series S. We’ll get an optical drive to play discs which will be key for gamers who want to take advantage of the backwards compatibility for the system. As for the release date, fans will be able to get the new console on November 10. Pre-orders for both the Series S and Series X will go live on September 22.

Phil Spencer also revealed that EA Play, EA’s game subscription service will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox’s game subscription service, for no extra cost. This adds 60+ games to the number of games that subscribers will have access to now and when the console’s release.


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