Xbox Design Labs Comes Back With Some Stunning Options

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Xbox Controllers

Parris Lilly of GamerTag Radio and Kinda Funny show off some deeper looks at some of Xbox’s most interesting, upcoming games. Part of the show included the announcement that Xbox Design Labs is coming back for the new generation of Xbox consoles. Featuring hundreds of color options and the new controller design that comes bundled with the Xbox Series console family, Design Labs took the internet by storm. Brands like DiGiorno got included in the fun while some game developers like DoubleFine chose to try their hand at a pleasant color blend inspired by their upcoming game, Psychonauts 2.

Design Labs enables gamers to customize their own Xbox controller with various colors for just about every part of the controller down to the triggers, joysticks, bumpers, and face buttons. They’ve got 18 total colors to pick from, including three new ones that weren’t available for the earlier generation. You’ll also have the opportunity to add an engraving to further personalize your controller. Custom controllers come at a starting price of $69.99, slightly more expensive than a standard controller, but combining an engraving will cost an extra $9.99, all before tax.

The controllers take about three to four weeks to arrive, no doubt as a result of their custom nature. There’s also likely high demand for the service as the site has had some difficulty loading, but once in the design suite is intuitive and reactive to your choices, displaying what your prospective controller might look like before you buy. Try Xbox Design Labs yourself from Xbox Design Lab | Xbox.

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