Xbox Game Pass Horror-Adventure SCORN Gets Terrifying New Gameplay Trailer

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Scorn got a new trailer, it will come out on Xbox Series X|S on October 21st, and joins Xbox Game Pass on day one. Developer Ebb Software has now shared a new eight-minute gameplay trailer for the first-person horror game.

In the trailer, Scorn’s dark and gloomy world is revealed, and we’re given a “first look at the game’s first grotesque puzzle.” It’s very atmospheric and features a grotesque creature that it looks like we may need to sacrifice before we can advance through the level. While there are some new sequences here, the new trailer doesn’t really offer us much new gameplay outside of what we’ve already seen. Hopefully, we’ll get more in-depth looks at Scorn in the run-up to release. As per a press release, players in Scorn “will come to understand the character they’re guiding, if only slightly. Tasked with exploring Scorn’s hellscape, players must learn its rules and master its puzzles without any guidance or support, being left to fend for themselves in a totally immersive experience. By uncovering these secrets and gathering the strange bio-mechanical tools that seem to have been used by the civilization that previously called this world home, surviving might just be possible. Finding the truth, however, is an entirely different question.”

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