Xbox Game Pass In 2023: The Complete List Of Everything Announced So Far

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Xbox Game Pass is already packed up for 2023, and if you’re looking for a list of everything coming to Game Pass in 2023, check out the list below! We’ve picked out the full list of games announced for Xbox Game Pass in 2023 so far, and we’ll keep editing this post as more are announced over the next year or so.

There’s a fair chance we’ll be adding lots more titles to this list soon – we’ve got a bunch of games that were scheduled for 2022, but still haven’t got any release dates. For now, we’re keeping most of them out of the 2023 list.

Date Game Platform
January 19 Persona 3 Portable Console, PC, TBD
January 19 Persona 4 Golden Console, PC, TBD
Spring TBD Atomic Heart Console, TBD
Spring TBD Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Console, PC, TBD
Spring TBD Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Console, PC, TBD
Spring TBD Forza Motorsport Console, PC, Cloud
Spring TBD Guilty Gear Strive Console, PC, TBD
Spring TBD Lightyear Frontier Console, TBD
Spring TBD Minecraft Legends Console, PC, TBD
Spring TBD Planet of Lana Console, TBD
Spring TBD The Last Case of Benedict Fox Console, TBD
Spring TBD Valheim Console
Spring TBD Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Console, PC, TBD
TBD Large Batch Of Activision Games Console, TBD
TBD Ara: History Untold PC
TBD Ark 2 Console, TBD
TBD Bounty Star Console, TBD
TBD Cocoon Console, TBD
TBD Dungeons 4 Console, PC, TBD
TBD Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Console, PC, TBD
TBD Ereban: Shadow Legacy Console, PC, TBD
TBD Flock Console, TBD
TBD GoldenEye 007 Console, TBD
TBD Hollow Knight: Silksong Console, PC, TBD
TBD Lies of P Console, TBD
TBD Railway Empire 2 Console, PC, TBD
TBD Ravenlok Console, PC, TBD
TBD Redfall Console, PC, Cloud
TBD Replaced Console, PC, TBD
TBD Stalker 2 Console, PC, Cloud
TBD Starfield Console, PC, Cloud
TBD The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Console, PC, TBD
TBD Thirsty Suitors Console, TBD
TBD Turnip Boy Robs A Bank Console, TBD
TBD Warhammer 40k: Darktide Console, TBD


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