Xbox Game Pass Losing More Games Soon

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Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is set to bid farewell to a few more games in the near future. According to the “leaving soon” page on Xbox Game Pass, three titles—Exo One, Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls, and Spelunky 2—are scheduled to be removed from the Xbox Game Pass library on July 15. This applies to both the console and PC versions of the service.

Fortunately, for Game Pass members who are enjoying these games, there’s a silver lining. They will have the option to purchase these titles outright at a 20% discount, allowing them to continue playing even after they leave the subscription catalog.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that another set of games is expected to be removed from the Xbox Game Pass library at the end of July. To stay updated on the latest removals, it’s advisable to regularly check back with reliable sources like GameSpot.

In addition to the game removals, there is news regarding the pricing of Game Pass memberships. Starting from July 6, there will be an increase in prices for Game Pass Ultimate in the United States. The monthly fee for Game Pass Ultimate will rise from $15 to $17. Similarly, the base Game Pass subscription will increase from $10 to $11 per month. However, the pricing for PC Game Pass will remain unchanged.

These adjustments in membership rates reflect the evolving nature of the gaming industry and the continuous efforts to deliver a high-quality gaming experience through services like Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Titles Leaving July 15

  • Exo One
  • Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls
  • Spelunky 2

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