Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Revealed By Inside Xbox

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Xbox Live Bundle

Xbox gamers are interested into knowing more about the newly introduced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription package which allows you to experience both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for a monthly fee of $14.99 check out this new video produced by the Inside Xbox team during which Ben Decker, Head of Gaming Services at Microsoft, introduces Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and explained more about what you can expect from the combined subscription package.

The new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will provide gamers with all the benefits of both Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass, offering a combined service with over 100 high-quality games to choose from as well as the ability to play online using the Xbox Live Gold online multiplayer saving your hard earned cash if both were previously purchased separately. “With Game Pass Ultimate, gamers will be able to play together on the most advanced multiplayer network and discover their next favorite game,” says Microsoft.

To learn more about the new a new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service that fuses Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for a monthly fee of $14.99 offering gamers a 25% discount when compared to buying each service separately, click the link below to know more about the service.


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