Xbox Highlights First-To-Console Indie Games Optimized For Series X

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Indie Games Optimized For Series X

Xbox Games Showcase stream is also a reveal of indie games that are coming first to Xbox Series X. These games will debut on the next-gen console and for Xbox exclusively before coming out on other platforms.

Shredders, from developer FoamPunch, It looks like a snowboarder’s escape with a huge mountain range to exploit for big runs in the powder. The game will be assisting players to shred—and shred hard.

Last Stop from Variable State will explore a supernatural story from the perspectives of three different characters. A teenager in the middle of a crisis, a middle-aged man with his own inexplicable problems, and a weary female agent with a mark to track down.

The Artful Escape is a psychedelic video game from maybe one of the best-named developers ever—Beethoven & Dinosaur. The most trippy multiverse in the world awaits players as they journey with the young protagonist to forge his onstage persona.

Andrew Shouldice, the developer of Tunic, shares details about his upcoming game that features a furry fox that’s ready for adventure. It looks similar to a Zelda game with its own whimsical visual style and a world that is both beautiful and ripe for exploration.

Lake from Gamius puts players in the shoes—and delivery truck—of a mail carrier in a tranquil setting. It’s a light-hearted narrative that is meant to reveal truths about the characters around the protagonist, and the woman herself. If you want a game with a peaceful pace for these trying times, this looks to be it.

Developer Shedworks has a beautiful game coming out called Sable and it looks like the love-child of Star Wars and Journey that we never knew we wanted. The world is alien, but the journey is deeply human. The visual style alone makes me interesting in this game.

Song of Iron looks like everything I wish Niffelheim had been. From developer and publisher Escape, it’s a side-scrolling action game that centers on a meaningful story that brings out the best of Nordic setting.

Exo One is one of the most exciting indie games in the showcase for me. It’s a game of movement and exploration as players pilot an alien craft through different worlds. It feels like a fast-moving new take on the galactic exploration that comes to mind when I think of games like No Man’s Sky.

The Falconeer, it’s the project of solo developer Tomas Sala and it’s all about flying combat with, you guessed it, birds. If there was a video game about the eagles from Lord of the Rings, I think it might look something like this.

Luis Antonio is the creative director and developer for 12 minutes, and he’s made some remarkably novel. It’s a time-loop game that plays top-down, and it feels like a savage version of Groundhog Day that I absolutely can’t wait to play.

Neon Giant has introduced an action-RPG that takes games like Diablo into a sci-fi future. What’s shown is in-game alpha footage, and I’m very excited to try out this upcoming indie. RPG games like The Ascent were some of my first and favorite games growing up, so this next-gen release has me all jittery in anticipation.

The Big Con from Mighty Yell Studios plays like a ‘90s video game directed by John Hughes, replete with all of the awful fashion that used to roam the streets. A teenage girl must steal, deal, and connive her way to a huge payday in order to save her mother’s business.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is the next project from Ludomotion and its an alluring top-down adventure game that entertains gamers with a world that wants to be explored and foes that must be defeated. Every game is different for each gamer, so it’s a really unique experience.

Crash on the couch, grab a friend, and fight in the alleyways with Mad Streets. Developer Craftshop has thrown in greasers, punks, hoodlums, and all manner of scrappy street fighters into one game. It’s a mixture of animation and a fully-fledged physics system for gamers to prove who’s the best fighter in a crazy fighting game.


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