Xbox is Coming to Samsung Smart TVs, You Don’t Need a Console

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Xbox is Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

Microsoft revealed on Thursday that, from June 30, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to stream their favorite games through the cloud using a new, dedicated app for Samsung smart TVs and monitors released in 2022. It is called the Xbox App, you’ll be able to install it on Samsung screens and play Xbox games without the need for an actual Xbox Series X/S console or PC. This ability to stream games through Game Pass Ultimate has been available on mobile devices for a couple of years, but now you can enjoy these games on a big screen.

Obviously, you’ll need something to control the games. In the same announcement, Microsoft said any current wireless Xbox controller (as well as the PS5’s DualSense controller) will be compatible with the app. After releasing the app and getting into your Game Pass account, you’ll be able to pair the controller with the TV and start playing the games.

You can also play the new Halo without paying $500 for a Series X, but it’s not a giant surprise. Microsoft confirmed it was working with smart TV makers on streaming solutions a year ago. The Xbox app is technically not even the first of its kind, as Samsung and LG TVs got Google Stadia app support earlier this year. Microsoft is also rumored to be working on an Xbox streaming stick.

But Xbox is clearly a much larger force in gaming than Google, and Game Pass nets any subscribers instant access to first-party Xbox games. When this app comes out, Samsung TV owners will be able to play any new version of HaloForzaElder Scrolls, or even Call of Duty if/when Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision passes regulatory hurdles. Xbox games come to Game Pass on day one.



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