Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Adds Another Awesome Game

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games

Xbox One has added one more awesome game to its backwards compatibility lineup today, with the addition of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. Now you can play the Xbox 360 game on Xbox One. If you don’t already own it, You can buy it for just $15, along with various character packs for a few bucks each.

The 2010 game was part of that year’s Summer of Arcade lineup, with added co-op play that remains unique to the series. To that end, it highlighted many of the series’ most well-known heroes, including Alucard, Soma Cruz, and Julius Belmont. The DLC packs added other heroes like Simon Belmont and Maria Renard, along with extra stages.

“There are some instances where Harmony of Despair caters more to the multiplayer cooperative experience than the single-player,” he said. “For instance, most of the secret areas can be accessed only with other players, but in reality, that’s the best way to experience this new Castlevania. And it’s the optimal way to experience what may be a new and fun potential direction for the series to take.”

The game will be ready to download on your Xbox One if you already own it. This was a digital-only release, but disc-based ones can be played if you still own the disc.


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