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Walk through the process of capturing, editing, and sharing video content through Upload Studio on Microsoft’s new home

The Xbox One lets you capture, edit, and share video content through its new Upload Studio, ensuring that the cross-map no-scope you landed in Call of Duty: Ghosts or the brutal combination you pulled off in Killer Instinct will live on in history.

It is very hard to do so, So here is a easy Walk Through for all that.

There are two ways to record video on Xbox One. First, you can say “Xbox, record that,” and the system will automatically isolate the last 30 seconds for faster editing later on. You can also launch GameDVR and select the interval of time you want to save from choices of 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes.

No matter what, the Xbox One automatically records the past 5 minutes of gameplay.

After you’ve recorded a clip, a notification will pop up on screen indicating you’ve been successful. Next you can head to Upload Studio (a free 1GB download; no Xbox Live Gold subscription required) to begin editing your video.

From here, you can edit your video in four ways: simply trim the clip to the duration you want; record a second video with Kinect through the picture-in-picture option; bookend your video by putting Kinect videos before and after your gameplay clip; or create a montage or highlight reel with up to five clips via the multi-clip option.

You’re almost there. Next, you can preview your clip to ensure it looks and sounds the way you want it to. Finally, you can share your video on Xbox Live for your friends and followers to see, or upload it to your SkyDrive account accessible on PC and do want you want with it.

Uploading directly to Facebook and YouTube from Xbox One is planned for sometime in the future, though Microsoft has not yet given any indication as to when this may be.

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