XBOX Owners Will Get A Free Game Soon!

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Electronic Arts have focused a good deal of their efforts on a new digital platform on the Xbox One called EA Access, and they’re adding a new game to the vault… EA Sports UFC.

Over on the official EA website, the company detailed how gamers, fight fans and Xbox One owners would be able to get their hands on EA Sports UFC via access to EA Access.

The service is a paid digital service that allows gamers to play a number of EA titles for a flat monthly fee. The service also offers discounts and deals on select titles published by Electronic Arts, as well as unlimited play time to various games.

EA Access was originally unveiled during the summer of this year in mid-August. Gamers can pay $5 a month to open up EA Access and play various games for unlimited amounts of time each month. Adding EA Sports UFC to the fold will give gamers who have been on the fence a bit more incentive to make the drive.

As noted in the news post…

“On December 18, EA SPORTS UFC enters The Vault, becoming the seventh title that members can play as much as they want. Every game mode, from the fantastic career mode to online championships, will be available for EA Access members to binge on.”

EA Sports UFC made some waves during this past summer, mostly because it was the only major fighting game coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One and also because it’s one of the rare realistic fighting games to come out of an AAA publishing studio since… the last UFC game from the dead and buried THQ.

EA Sports UFC actually has some fairly solid gameplay features. I liked the combat and the counter-system. The grappling definitely took some getting used to and more than enough critics found themselves having a hard time mastering the ground game, but I thought it was different enough to warrant a level of mastery from die-hard fans that the grappling system itself could become a meta-game all its own. I love features like that.

It’s refreshing to get a game where skill and learning curve is essential to becoming great at the game. Too often we have a lot of AAA titles that are designed around the appeal of casual fans and it absolutely strips away any sort of depth or long-term skill advancements for the game.

EA Sports UFC joins the EA Access vault on December 18th, exclusively for Xbox One owners. And the reason it’s exclusive to Xbox One owners? Because Sony felt that it wasn’t a good value for PlayStation 4 owners.

As mentioned, EA Access is a paid service that allows gamers with a selection of games from EA’s eighth-generation home console offerings for only $5 a month.


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