Xbox Scarlett Vs. PlayStation 5 Huge Differences, Specs, Games, Backwards Compatibility, And a lot More

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Xbox Scarlett Vs. PlayStation 5

Sony has revealed officially the PlayStation 5 and also confirmed more of the next-gen console’s specifications, we can start diving into the changes and similarities between the upcoming next-gen Xbox and PlayStation. Given, we don’t have sufficient data to give a fair comparison between Project Scarlett and the PS5, but we can at least begin with what Microsoft and Sony have already provided us.

We dive into the differences in this article and find the similarities between Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles. Though both tech companies have been keeping features close to the chest, they have shown certain specs for their respective consoles, as well as what those small numbers translate into in a performance sense. In response to the increasing market of players who are buying games digitally, both companies have set out how storage will work on their upcoming next-gen consoles too. Check out all the specs below.

Sony is the only company to announce the name of its next-gen console so far. And–surprising literally no one–it’s PlayStation 5.

Microsoft talks about its next-gen console as Project Scarlett and we will be calling it Scarlett for short.

Release Date

Both of the consoles are currently scheduled to release within the same window, the holiday season in 2020. Much like the Xbox One and PS4 before them, Scarlett and PS5 will be going head to head during the most important shopping window within the same year. If you’re planning on getting both, you may want to start saving now, they won’t be cheap.


Let’s begin comparing Scarlett and the PS5. Both use different CPUs, for example. it’s not all different though. Both next-gen consoles will support ray-tracing, for instance, which will enable them to fully simulate light in games.

Xbox Scarlett PlayStation 5
CPU AMD Zen 2 AMD Ryzen
GPU AMD Navi with ray tracing AMD Navi with ray tracing
Disc Drive Yes Yes
Storage Solid-State Drive Solid-State Drive
4K Support Yes Yes
Release Date Holiday 2020 Holiday 2020
Cloud Streaming Project xCloud (unconfirmed) PlayStation Now (unconfirmed)

Project Scarlett


Regardless of which console you go for, you’re getting an upgrade. Scarlett’s specs suggest a much stronger console than the Xbox One X, while the PS5 sees a similar improvement over the PS4 Pro.


Both consoles Scarlett and the PS5 are using solid-state drives or SSDs. PlayStation 5 users should see a remarkable improvement in the time it takes for a game to load on the next-gen console in relation to the PS4 as a result. The same is correct for Xbox Scarlett in comparison to Xbox One, which Microsoft already established at E3 2019; but by how much has yet to be announced. The results will vary by game.

Online Service

Microsoft nor Sony have announced how online multiplayer will work on their upcoming consoles, but it would not be unusual to see both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus make their comeback. Given its success, it’s also likely that Xbox Game Pass will return on Scarlett.

The important difference this time around will be cloud-streaming, which has improved in recent months–with Google joining the fray in November 2019 with Stadia. Microsoft has Project xCloud, which will likely make its way onto Scarlett. Sony already has a game-based cloud-streaming service, PlayStation Now, which probably would be supported on PS5.

Backwards Compatibility

Both Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will come with the support of backwards compatibility support. Scarlett will support backwards compatibility with the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. What will and won’t be playable on PS5 is a little more difficult, largely because of PSVR. Sony hasn’t revealed whether their next-gen console will support the current-gen headset–which is necessary for playing certain PS4 console exclusives.

Playable Games At Launch

Sony has yet to reveal any release titles for PS5, but we do know Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the Uncharted and Shadow of the Colossus remasters, is working on “a big one.” Microsoft has revealed only one new game for Scarlett: Halo Infinite.


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