Xbox Series X Cases Are Awesome

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Xbox Series X Cases

Xbox Series X Cases have been revealed and they don’t look very distinct from current Xbox One cases. It makes a lot of sense as Microsoft’s approach to the next-generation of gaming is to do away with console generations as a whole. Every game you own right now on Xbox One will move up to the series X seamlessly. they also get the benefits of performance from the upgraded hardware and visual upgrades with HDR even if the initial versions didn’t support it. Xbox One controllers and accessories will also work on the new hardware and Series X controllers will work on Xbox One. Smart Delivery also guarantees that no matter which type of Xbox you own, you will have the correct version installed.

Xbox Series X Cases

The first thing worth noticing about the case design is how the top no longer says Xbox One but has been reduced to just Xbox. This is a modest change but one that carries the shift in Microsoft’s approach. You aren’t purchasing an Xbox One or Series X game you are buying an Xbox Game that will work on a wide assortment of hardware. The supported hardware is detailed just below the Xbox banner with additional features like 4K, HDR, and Smart Delivery noted. The last important difference comes from the Optimized for Series X badge that will take up residence on the front of the box. Because of the similarities in the box design, the Marketing team at Microsoft was worried that people wouldn’t realize that these games were for the new system as well as the old but that is definitely the chance you take with this style of approach.

Xbox Series X Cases

It works, but it comes at the cost of hiding the artwork featured on the box. For this early launch period, the badge will be used to train buyers about the new design. Hopefully, as we move further into next-gen, about a year or so, we will see the badge start to be removed as the Series X takes over the market share of Xbox consoles on the market. Once games stop releasing out that support Xbox One in the first place, the need for the badge seems all the more unnecessary. I do have to say that having a case design is going to look nice on a shelf of Xbox games. You don’t have to worry about separating games by the platform as Xbox games are now just Xbox games! Whether you like that or not will certainly be a personal decision. For myself, I am liking the approach but hope it gets streamlined as we move through the game consoles life-cycle.


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