Xbox Series X Consistently Doing 60 FPS with Backwards Compatibility

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Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X feature that I’m really excited about is backwards compatibility. Well apparently, that’s surely something to get excited for, it is like something you have never seen before. The team over at Digital Foundry got an Xbox Series X and did some tests on it.

For now, there are no Xbox Series X games available to play. Well, that means that the guys could run the backwards compatibility through the speeds and fans should get excited. All of the games tested in the test, typically ones that are very demanding, they achieve 60FPS and while some games didn’t always maintain 60FPS, they all seemed to stay between 50-60. This is at a blend of 4K and 1080p.

The Series X will be astonishing for many games from earlier generations. Now, it should be noted that backwards compatibility cannot take complete advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which is presumably why we don’t see a steady 60FPS across all older games.

They also tested the SSD. Using Final Fantasy XV, they found that load times decreased considerably on the custom NVMe SSD being used. Instead of taking almost a whole minute to load, the Series X could load a map in the game in under 12 seconds. That’s a huge difference.

The Series X is shaping up to be an amazing and powerful console. I’m super excited for the Series X to release on November 10.


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