Xbox Series X Up Close and Personal Photos Have Surfaced

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Xbox Series X

There is a lot of talk circling the Xbox Series X and how it will look like. During CES, AMD released a presentation with a faked mock-up and later leaks once again show what the back of the new upcoming console might look like. Now we have new photos that have surfaced online thanks to NeoGAF user Curry Panda. The pictures show off both the front and back of the Series X gaming console and give us a clear view of the console. The front of the gadget we already knew had a disk drive and USB port. We can also see the disk eject button and a controller sync button. It looks like a great machine and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The backside of the console is interesting and we see a lot of ports there. We can see 2 USB ports, Ethernet, power, HDMI, and an optical out port. There are 2 other mystery holes in the prototype casing, one along the left side of the image and one directly under the Ethernet port. According to Brad Sams of Thurrott, the pictures are indeed real and the port in the center is likely for diagnostic tools. There are talks circulating that the top hole is to allow the back of the prototype to be opened. Neither of these ports is will not come in the final hardware. What would be great is if one of these ports did stay as a way to add an additional SSD to the console! Anyway, it is cool to see some real photos of the gadget and see some of the things we will get when the Series X release this Holiday season.

HDMI In port on current Xbox is missing on the Series X. What is really sad to me out is the lack of USB ports. 3 ports were not enough on the latest-gen hardware when adding hard drives and wanting to charge controllers or using wired options. Come on Microsoft bring back the 5 ports of the Xbox 360 S! I also like to know how the system software looks like. We will get to know more about the console in the next few months.

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