Xbox Series X Updated News And Trailers

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Xbox Series X

Xbox released the first look at next-gen gaming, and there were a lot of developers who joined with the console to show off the cinematic looks at the games coming on the next-gen console.

The video above will show you all of the games over the course of 30 minutes, but to watch all of the trailers you can watch them below.

Dirt 5 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon are the most anticipated games during the stream, and it will be interesting to see more gameplay and details released about these two games. Yakuza is the most waited game for me and it is awesome to see its trailer.

Vampire: The Masquerade has been firmly growing in popularity over the past months, so it’s amazing to see Bloodlines 2 featured in the next-gen reveal. And the FPS game Bright Memory Infinite looks smart and full of action packed goodness.

Second Extinction is a three-player co-op shooter and The Ascent is an action-RPG from Neon Giant and Curve Digital. Two completely different games, but there are many shooters that will be coming on the Xbox Series X

Scarlet Nexus should get anime fans and action-gamers excited with its pulsing soundtrack and non-stop battle.

Chorus is a space-flight combat shooter scheduled for release in 2021 with big weapons, crazy abilities, next-level interstellar vistas, and a whole lotta exploration.

Call of the Sea, an adventure game set in the 1930s, South Pacific. Looking for your lost husband will bring answers to other questions in this puzzle-mystery game, this looks really great.


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