Xbox Series X|S Sales Surpass 250,000 In Japan

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Xbox Series X|S

Xbox has been working hard to expand its footprint within the Japanese gaming market, and it seems its all the hard work are slowly but surely paying off.

In a sales update from the Twitter user and sales tracker BenjiSales, it’s noted how the system’s integrated sales in Japan (since launch) have now surpassed 250,000 units. In comparison, the previous Xbox One generation only sold a lifetime amount of 114,000 units.

Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg even talked with a special message to Japanese fans.

“Thank you to everyone in Japan for choosing Xbox. We are grateful and look forward to your continued patronage”

Phil Spencer and Microsoft have also been working hard to get more Japanese games on the systems. Most recently it was announced Atlus would be getting its RPG series Persona to Xbox. The first release will be Persona 5 Royal. It’s going to be released this October and will also be on Game Pass.

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